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yellowfiddler image Home The entry point for Old Time Tim's website
yellowfiddler image Abbots Langley Winter Acoustic Concerts News and info for our concert series.
yellowfiddler image Threadneedle England's sharpest ceilidh and barn dance band!!
yellowfiddler image Tappalachian The only Hertfordshire-based Appalachian Dance Team
yellowfiddler image Fiddle Music Collection of dance tunes composed by me and me mates
yellowfiddler image Songs Songs and Monologues what I wrote
yellowfiddler image Tall Tales Stories collected over the years
yellowfiddler image The Knoll Historic connections of my home
yellowfiddler image Knowledge Management My personal views on this contentious subject
yellowfiddler image Links Connect to friends, aquaintances, and other places of interest.
redfiddler image Site History A log of changes to this site

15th September 2016

Re-branding of the Gallows Hillbillies as 'Threadneedle' , and a lot ot tidying up and pruning to get reid of old and outdated information

3rd December 2009

A new page added to showcase Rook Music publications, commencing with Rock the Cradle Joe , a collection of 31 old time tunes.

23rd July 2009

A new page added to introduce The Gallows Hillbillies to an unsuspecting public

12th June 2009

I have added to the fiddletunes page a pdf document of Chord charts for some popular old-time tunes

30th November 2008

No new content, but have changed the way links to e-mail addresses are coded on a number of pages - see reference to "Mysterious" Ways above

23rd September 2008

Text of my article "The Unwritten Rules of the Traditional Music Session" originally published in "The Living Tradition" in 2003.

23rd September 2008

Addition of a new slipjig to the FiddleTune pages of this website: "Bag on a Broomstick",

3rd October 2008

This index page run through HTML and CSS validators and errors corrected. Validation icons added

23rd September 2008

Addition of two new tunes to the FiddleTune pages of this website: "The Lobster", a Hornpipe by Mick Pearce, and "Jaybird Died of the Whooping Cough" a traditional American piece.

9th September 2008

Tidy up of Tall Tales pages of this website

7th September 2008

Page and links added to present Tappalachian a new Hertfordshire-based Appalachian dance team!!

28th January 2007

Page and links added to showcase Strung Up Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire's newest Dance Band!!

Visit Site History for a record of previous changes

6th January 2007

Style sheet reworked and applied initally to this index page and to the fiddletunes page
Other pages (which you will note do not necessarily display as intended ) will be brought up to this standard over the next few weeks

10th October 2006

Notation and Midi files for two 48 Bar Jigs by Bruce Warburton, entitled "A Cup of tea" and "A Piece of Cake" added to the Fiddletunes page

3rd October 2006

"Barebones" page heavily edited. wav files removed 'cos they're just too big to move around, and replaced by mp3's of: Little Dutch Girl : Waiting for the Federals : West Fork Girls : Eighth of January : Chilly Winds : Whiskey before Breakfast :
all to be found at "Barebones" Old Time Fiddle Tunes

27th September 2006

New page added to provide "Barebones" Old Time Fiddle Tunes Initally contains wav recording of five old-time tunes

21st September 2006

Notation and Midi file for a 3/2 Hornpipe called "Abbots Road" added to Fiddletunes

18th September 2006

Midi file for a jig called Dumas Dual added to Fiddletunes

15th September 2006

This Index page reformatted (rest of site to follow!
Tablature for a jig called Dumas Dual added to Fiddletunes

7th September 2006

Fiddletunes Text cleaned up and broken or missing links removed

22nd August 2006

The Knoll Links and references to the work of Rex Whistler added. Photos still to come

21st August 2006

Knowledge Management Page with discussions on the failings of IT systems to serve the needs of Knowledge Management launched

19 August 2006

Dark Ember links to Song Sheets and Media files for the song added

14 August 2006

Band Family Tree This is my first attempt to draw up a 'family tree' of the bands I have been linked with and their members. Let me know of any errors.

13th August 2006

A general clean-up - some of the hotlinks to future content which is not yet prepared indicated with *** so that they aren't followed unnecessarily by visitors .
- many minor typing and gramatical errors and other spelling mistakes corrected - thanks to Elaine for patiently noting and listing them all. Site first launched, 3rd August 2006 - Site content and design the work of Tim Brooks.
Underlying structure and coding philosophy taken with permission from the work of Hamish Currie.