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Here is a collection of links to many friends, aquaintances and places of interest.

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yellowfiddler image Threadneedle England's sharpest ceilidh and barn dance band!!
yellowfiddler image Tappalachian The only Hertfordshire-based Appalachian Dance Team
yellowfiddler image Songs and Monologues what I wrote
yellowfiddler image Fiddle Music Collection of dance tunes composed by me and me mates
yellowfiddler image Tall Tales Stories collected over the years
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yellowfiddler image A Song for Beds Herts and Bucks The web pages to accompany the CD of finalists from the Watford Folk Club Song competition of October 2012
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Picture of Herga Mummers

Every Boxing Day the Herga Mummers perform a traditional folk play originating from the Pinner area. We always start at noon in the Case is Altered public house in Eastcote, to a large expectant crowd. The photo is of our gaffer, Bob Hawkes, as the Valiant Soldier - His head is made of iron, his body lined with steel....

Picture of Herga Morris

I danced with the Herga Morrismen for many years. Sadly, advancing years, creaking joints and the lack of new blood brought the team to a fading end. But wherever there are six men (and a musician ) gathered together, who knows what might happen.....
Herga Folk Club image
The Herga at The Castle folk club This new incarnation of the Herga folk club will open on 18th September 2017 at The Castle public house in Harrow on The Hill

The haddenham Hoofers
The Haddenham Hoofers are an Appalachian Clogging team based in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire. They have a large string band in which I have many opportunities to indulge in some rocking American Old Time music.
Picture of Kerry Fletcher with Billy

Kerry Fletcher Dance Teacher with real class. Traditional Swedish and Appalachian Dance are her specialities. Here she can be seen dancing an impromptu duet with Billy West at the East Anglia Traditional Music Trust's "Traditional Music Day" in Stowmarket in 2005.

Weston Clog Workshop
The Holwell Appalachian Clog Workshops are run by Maggie and Julie, with Kerry Fletcher (see above) as Dance Teacher, once a month on a Saturday morning in the village hall of Holwell, just north-west of Hitchin.
Doctor Sunshine

Doctor Sunshine My children grew up with the magnificent Dave Hunt, Professor Wingnut et al, Childrens entertainers extraordinaire (Oh no they didn't, Oh yes they did.....) Our tape of their LP never came out of the car Hi-Fi through the summer months.

Grand Union Morris

Grand Union Morris Originally taught by Bob Hawkes and Alan Simpson when we drove the two of them out of the house we shared while we held band practices for Puddleduck, so I kinda feel responsible! Their May Morning celebrations at the Red Lion, Coleshill are always atmospheric!

Chesham Folk Club Logo

The Chesham Folk Club A friendly club that meets regularly on Monday evenings at the White Hill Community Centre in Chesham, Bucks

Friends of American Old Time Music and Dance (Foaotmad) A UK society dedicated to the co-ordination and promotion of Old Time music in the UK

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Other useful Links

Hetzlers Fakebook A brilliant on-line source for all of the most well-known old-time tunes, categorised by key

The Session Ditto Ditto for Irish traditional music

abc notation resources Kerry's partner, Chris Walshaw, developed this now-widely used technique for notating traditional music. Many more links can be found from here

State of Play Guide - All About Fiddling I was pointed to this great resource of fiddle stuff by Girl Scout Julie Casal and her mom, Yasmin