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A Song for Beds, Herts and Bucks

Watford Folk Club's songwriting competion entries of 2012


Begone! (the Witch of Walkern)

By Daria Kulesh

Performed by Daria Kulesh (vocals, bodhran) and Jason Emberton (keyboard)

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          She comes a-knocking at your door,
          She begs for turnips and some straw,
          And if you fail to give her that,
          She'll come back as a devil cat.
          She'll make you lame and hex your child,
          She'll send you running through the wild!
          We'll scratch her face, we'll do her in,
          We'll prick the strumpet with a pin!
              A witch, a witch, she is beyond a doubt,
              A bitch, a bitch inside and out,
              Beware of Jane, the Wenham crone,
              She's dangerous, we want her gone!
              Begone, begone!
          She'll curse and make your cattle fall,
         She'll put a madness in your soul.
         We've had enough, we'll take no more!
         We'll march to court the devil's whore!
         That city judge, the clever guy,
         Said sorcery was but a lie.
         But she can fly, we saw it, sir!
         He laughed: That's not against the law!
         Hey, know-it-all, don't make yourself so big,
         You think you're smart because you wear a wig?
         She is a witch, the Wenham crone,
         She's dangerous, we want her gone!
         Begone, begone!
         Hey judge, there's nought that you can do,
         We say she's guilty through and through!
         We are the jury, after all!
         So may the devil take her soul!
             A witch, a witch, she is beyond a doubt,
             A bitch, a bitch inside and out,
             Now she will hang, the Wenham crone,
             May God be praised, we want her gone!
             Begone, begone!
         But what... Your Honour, is it true?
         The witch has put a spell on you!
         To London town you went to beg
         A royal pardon for the hag!
         Our gracious Queen, what did he say
         To lead Your Majesty astray?
         The witch will live to our dismay!
         There's nothing we can do but pray!
             A witch, a witch, she is beyond a doubt,
             A bitch, a bitch inside and out,
             Beware of Jane, the Wenham crone,
             She's dangerous, we want her gone!
             Begone, begone!
             Beware of Jane, the Wenham crone,
             She's dangerous, we want her gone!
             Begone, begone!


Words and melody copyright © 2012 Daria Kulesh

About Daria

Daria Kulesh is a Russian-born singer-songwriter who plays both her own compositions and British, Irish and Russian traditional material. She has started making a name for herself both locally and further afield as a finalist in regional songwriting contests and St Albans Film Festival music video competition. She is part of KARA - an International Band of Mystery - "They capture imagination and keep people enthralled with theatrical, lively performances" (Unicorn magazine).

Jason Emberton, based at the Music Lounge at Westbourne, is helping Daria and KARA record their respective debut CDs. He is a fantastic sound engineer and musician specializing in percussion.

Here are the facebook accounts of Daria and her band Kara

About this Song

This is a ballad about the notorious Jane Wenham, the "witch" of Walkern (near Stevenage), a destitute old woman much disliked and feared by the simple folk, and her scandalous court case that caused a sensation as far as London and the Royal Court. It is noteworthy that the trial took place exactly 300 years ago, in 1712. Everything in the song is based on surviving historical evidence (the accusations against Jane, the locals scratching her face and prickling her with a pin, the judge's comment about flying not being against the law, him seeking a royal pardon, and even a local farmer calling her "a witch and a bitch"). www.facebook.com/DariaGuitarChick