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A Song for Beds, Herts and Bucks

Watford Folk Club's songwriting competion entries of 2012


The Hatter Girls

By Floyd, Hartwell and Hines

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      When I first came to Luton town
      I looked for work I asked around.
      At the hat factory
      Down there by the river Lea.

      Twas there i met the hatter girls
      There's none like 'em in the all the world.
      Making boaters and felt hats
      On piece work - that's what they were at.

              The hatter girls, the hatter girls,
              Nought like 'em in all the world.
              The hatter girls, the hatter girls.
              Get out the way
              Here come the hatter girls.

      On Guildford Street they ply their trade,
      Cut the straw and make the braid.
      Don't get much but pay is pay,
      A job's a job whatever you say -

      They know how to drink they know how to swear
      The air is blue when ever they're there
      They lead us lads a merry dance
      They let us think we're in with a chance

              The hatter girls, the hatter girls........

      One of the girls walks out with me
      By the name of Rosie Lea
      And if you give her any lip
      She'll take you out with a punch of her fists

      On friday night when we gets paid
      We'll drink away our working day
      She'll ave a pint with a rum and black
      Whatever she's got there's nought she lacks

              The hatter girls, the hatter girls........

      Sometimes when its quiet and she's off guard
      You see her softer side she ain't so hard
      A gentleness runs beneath the scars
      She's just a little girl left wishing on a star

      A smile returns upon her face
      The little girl's gone without a trace
      They're on the town she can't be late
      The girls are out, the girls can't wait

              The hatter girls, the hatter girls,
              Nought like 'em in all the world.
              The hatter girls, the hatter girls.
              Get out the way
              Here come the hatter girls.


Words and melody copyright © 2012 Bob Hines

About Floyd Hartwell and Hines

Floyd Hartwell Hines are a group comprising of

Nicky Floyd : voice and flute,
Ian Hartwell : voice and Double Bass
Bob Hines : voice and guitar.

The group met at the St Neots Folk Club and have since played regularly around Beds and Cambs. They have also performed at both Cambridge and St Neots Folk Festivals. They enjoy playing a mixture of folk and jazz numbers together with songs written by both Bob and Ian.

Floyd Hartwell Hines have just finished recording their first album which is due for release in October For contact with the group please email FHHmusic@gmail.com. or visit My Space Floyd Hartwell Hines http://uk.myspace.com/576391702

About this Song

Bob Hines writes: "I was born and bred in Luton and the Watford Folk Club song competition spurred me on to write about Luton Town's great Hat Trade. One of my mothers friends, a lady called Mrs Seaman, used to tell stories about her days working in the Hat factories. She always had vivid, colourful, larger than life characters in her stories and the Hatter Girls came across as strong forceful women that led the lads a merry dance. Its these stories that I've based this song on : hope you like it!"