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A Song for Beds, Herts and Bucks

Watford Folk Club's songwriting competion entries of 2012


The Great Ouse and the Colne

words and music by David White

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Words and Melody copyright © 2012 David White

About this song and its author

David White's father, one of a family of seven, moved from Bedfordshire to Watford to find work in a Rubber Moulding factory, So it was in Watford that David was born and brought up. It seems though that his father's desire to return to Bedfordshire one day was passed on to David, and in turn to David's sons, who in time have returned to their family's "home" county. Since writing and performing the song at the competition David himself has moved from Dunstable to Harrold, a pretty Bedfordshire village, beside which the Great Ouse flows, so now the circle is complete. Since the competition, the words of his song have now been updated to reflect this return "home" !