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A few days before Christmas some years ago (when I was about 20 years old) I was invited with my parents for some pre-Christmas drinks at the home of some friends. There was another family present, and we had a pleasant time. For some reason the conversation got round to ghosts, and it turned out that each of the three families had personal experience of a mysterious event.
This is the third of the three.....


The third story was that of my own family - so I will tell it here in the first person, as I experienced some of the phenomena myself, and learned of the other ocurrences directly from my parents.

When I was about twelve years old, and my brother eight, my parents moved to a house in one of the vilages outlying York. For many years there was no sign of anything odd about the place, but some six or eight years later there were a series of events which can be summarised as classic poltergeist activity- that is the physical movement of objects within the building, and the ocurrence of sounds suggesting some physical disturbance without the source of the sound ever being evident Perhaps the best example of this last ocurred one evening when all four of us were watching television in the lounge when a crashing came from the direction of the kitchen - sounding as if somone had taken a shelf of crockery and in one stroke had swept the whole shelf-full onto the floor. We all got up and rushed to the kitchen assuming that the cat (the only other living creature in the house at that time) had managed to do just that. But in the kitchen, nothing was disturbed, and certainly nothing was broken - very surprising at the time because we had clearly heard crocks shattering. A search of the dining room and scullery, and the rooms upstairs failed to find anything out of place or broken at all. On another occasion my mother was alone in the house, doing some washing and other housework. As she walked through the hall between the lounge and the kitchen she noticed that a chair, which normally stands beside the small shelf on which the telephone is placed, on the left-hand side of the hall, was now standing three feet away on the left side of the hall. Thinking she had moved it while hoovering esrlier and had not replaced it my mum put it back in the correct place, and continmued with what she was doing. But the next time she went into the hallway a few minutes later, the chair had been moved back to where she had found it earlier - spooky! A third event that I can recall - there were many more - occurred when my father was standing in the kitchen talking to my mother. Hanging on a row of hooks on one wall were a set of pan-lids. Now there had been events previously when one of these lids (and occasionally other objects) would fall off its hook and bounce across the floor. But on this occasion my father watched as one of the lids left its hook, flew horizontally across the kitchen - some ten feet - without losing height - and hit my mother square in the back before falling to the floor. .....................................

All of these stories are copyright. I have no objections to them being recounted in amateur or semi-professional performances. Let me know if you do.  

Anyone seeking to recount these stories in a professional capacity,  record or broadcast them, or reproduce them in any form other than orally, should ask permission from me first.