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A few days before Christmas some years ago (when I was about 20 years old) I was invited with my parents for some pre-Christmas drinks at the home of some friends. There was another family present, and we had a pleasant time. For some reason the conversation got round to ghosts, and it turned out that each of the three families had personal experience of a mysterious event.
This is the second of the three.....

The Driverless Car

Once the host for the evening had finished his tale one of the other guests announced that he had a similarly bizarre story from an incident that he and his daughter had experienced.....

" We were on holiday in France, and were driving along one of those log straight roads with tall trees lining the sides. We had not encountered any other traffic for a while when a car appeared on our horizon , approaching at speed. Initially there seemd nothing extraordinary about this, but as the car got nearer it became apparent that it was driving on the wrong side of the road." - here the story teller broke of to explain that at the time he had to think carefully to confirm (being a Brit driving in France) that it was indeed the oncoming car, and not them, which was on the wrong side. - "The car continued on its course towards us , and a head-on collision seemed inevitable if one of us did not give way. Finally. at the last minute, I swerved violently to the left, Risking the worst if the opposing driver returned to the correct side of the road. But fortunately he did not, and we were able to return to the correct side of the road, somewhat shaken, but still rather alarmed - not just from the incident itself, but from something we had all observed as the car sped past us - there was nobody inside it!"

All of these stories are copyright. I have no objections to them being recounted in amateur or semi-professional performances. Let me know if you do.  

Anyone seeking to recount these stories in a professional capacity,  record or broadcast them, or reproduce them in any form other than orally, should ask permission from me first.