Happenstance took over when the Rose and Shamrcck Ceildh band ended. I recruited various local morris musicnas and friends and we started gigging almost immediately. The original line-up consisted of: Bob Burden on flute, Andy Cutting on melodeon, Simon (Trash) Trapp on Bodrahn, and later Ullian Pipes, Roger (Gadge) Colwell Myself on Fiddle and Mandolin, and Tony Green on Bass Evelyn Trapp looked after the sound desk, and Roger Rowe was our regular caller After a while Bob Burden left, and was replaced by Ian (Murf) Murfitt on Mouth-organ, Then Andy left to join Blowzabella, (leaving us with a handful of great tunes) and Ian took over the melodeon role. From then the line-up of Tim, Ian, Simon, Gadge, Tony, Roger and Evelyn remained pretty fixed until the group disbanded in 19xx